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"Gato, my friend; you are the King of Connection in Ibiza"
-Miroesja P. (Dutch model and PR goddess), 2015


Who's Gato?

Gato landed in Ibiza in 2013 and he absolutely loves this place, he first got to know the island by exploring on foot by walking and hitch-hiking, later on a scooter which he ended up crashing 3 times, ouch.., then driving one of the most iconic Ibiza cars; the vintage Renault 4, and for the past 3 to 5 years on bicycle, yes he is a hard-core cyclist!

He's got legs of steel yes.. go for a ride with Gato anytime.

Gato knows every single inch of this magic Island by memory.

No matter how long you stay here; Ibiza is always full of surprises!

Gato has gone from living the quintessential "hippie life" as a caveman for almost 3 years; now in 2021 living his life to the fullest as a tech consultant; helping individuals and small/medium businesses in Ibiza and abroad to flourish.

He is a techie after all ;) (since 1995)

His Rolodex has some of the best contacts on the island, including VIP's and he won't mind putting you in touch with the right people; at the right time; this will for sure help you advance your Ibiza plans faster than usual!


It's not what you know, its who you know!

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